5 Dec

3 in 1 Editing Software that does it all

As computer savvy individuals, we always found wanting for an image, music or video edit. We seek the services of software or web APIs for this, all the time. There are several software and web applications that do these. However, there are not many software that does all three edits. Majority of these software exclusively work for either image, or music or video edits. What if there is software that can do it all? What if the software does it 100% locally without requiring an internet connection? That is exactly what our software does. It brings the trifecta of media operations under single banner.

Image editing

The software does the entire set of image edits. You can generate your own gifs with a set of pictures. You can crop pictures for profiles and avatars. You can add captions on your images. Create round corners for your pictures seamlessly. Extensive features include merging multiple photos, adding overlays, borders and more. Additionally, you can create a collage with your set of images.

Audio editing

As for audio edits, you can make cut songs. You can vary the pace of your tracks. It helps bypass copyright violations when you add tracks to your YouTube video. Our software best serves you on social sharing. You can amplify and work on noise reduction. You can create cool audio effects such as echo. You can convert your audio files between formats such as wma, gsm, real audio, mp3, vox, flac and moreā€¦

Video editing

We present a powerhouse engine for video editing. You can cut certain portion of the videos. You can change tracks that play for the video. You can insert your pictures in the video as well as create thumbnails for your file. You can do scrolling watermarks, labels, intros and much more such stuff.

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